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Layer List Widget

The Layer List widget provides ArcGIS Viewer for Flex application users with the ability to turn map services (and their layers) on and off. A list of layers that appears in the widget contains operational layers. Each layer has a check box that allows users to turn their visibility on and off. The layers have expansion arrows indicating that they contain sublayers.

In order to distinguish between multiple layers of data, it is possible to combine layers with a color legend and a hatching legend, or a color legend and a symbol legend, and so on. By simultaneously enabling several layers users may find correlations between sets of mapped data.


To the right of each layer there is a downward expansion arrow that displays additional options for the layer. Users may find it useful to move a layer up or down while combining it with another layer. The transparency option allows users to change layer transparency, which again may be useful in displaying multiple layers of data. Clicking on the description option will display more information about the layer, including a full description.



The Layer List/Legend widget windows can be resized by dragging the lower-right dotted corner.


The Layer List/Legend windows widget can be moved by dragging on the top of the window.


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