The Bookmark widget stores a collection of map view extents (that is, spatial bookmarks) displayed in the app. It also allows you to create and add your spatial bookmarks through configuration or at run time after the app starts.

Clicking the Bookmark widget displays all pre-defined bookmarks, including bookmarks specified using the widget configuration window, as well as bookmarks defined in the web map used in the app. Clicking one of the bookmark thumbnails in the list sets the map extent to the bookmark area. You can also add additional bookmarks by zooming to your desired location and clicking the + icon next to the text box. To delete a bookmark defined at run time or configured using the widget configuration window, click the bookmark icon to highlight it first, and click the Delete button to delete it. If the bookmark is inherited from the web map, the Delete button is unavailable.

Clicking the X button in the upper right corner of the Bookmark window closes the bookmark window.

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