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Research Analysis

man hitting statue


During the Euromaidan Revolution, Ukrainians confronted their Soviet past by toppling statues of Lenin.

religious symbol

'Rus Geneology

Why did they call Yaroslav the Wise the father-in-law of Europe?

mapping famine

Mapping the Famine

Serhii Plokhii outlines how mapping data about the Holodomor can help researchers ask and answer questions.


Revolution on Granite

Before cellular "pings," there were telegram records. This set shows where support was greatest for the Revolution on Granite.

web map

Famine Data Insights

Which areas of Ukraine suffered the most during the Great Famine—and why?

Direct Losses in 1933 Table

Demography of a Man-Made Human Catastrophe

Why did Ukrainians in rural areas suffer much greater rates of starvation mortality than those in urban areas?

Story Maps

Famine Story Map

Famine Story Map

The Holodomor or the Great Ukrainian Famine of 1932-1933 is one of the most studied – and vigorously debated – events in Ukraine's history.

Religious Pluralism Story Map

What happened after the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople announced his decision to create a new Orthodox Church in Ukraine?

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